Did You Miss “National Punctuation Day?” There's Still Time...

SemicolonYou would think something like National Punctuation Day would be on most major US calendars, but apparently it isn't. I didn't know about it. Did you? Did you get the day off? Or did you have to be more diligent? Did someone assign you an editor? Did you read a primer on punctuation? How many times did you use a semi-colon. You know, the bit of advice I gave my students in English 101 regarding semi-colons was this: don't use them. Why? Because in general someone in English 101 does not have a clue how to use a semi-colon. One of the reasons, of course, is the great dispensation of advice like this:
Use the semicolon to link independent clauses not joined by a co-ordinating conjunction. Semicolons should join only those independent clauses that are closely related in meaning.
To the average English 101 student (and your average graduate student, quite frankly) you might as well say “wax the pajamas only when sillymoon faultycrimes isn't pastylost, trimdoor, or kinklewoos.” Makes about as much sense. Time is much better spent learning to use a comma. Btn-EllipsisOf course one of the greatest things to eventually learn about the language is that it is flexible. It can pretty much take whatever you can dish out and bounce back up and smack you right in the kisser, serial commas or not. ♻ National Punctuation Day
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